Certificate in Commercial Design, Humber College
Over 30 years, Owner of Active Graphics Design


I learned about the art of 'En plein air'; while in Paris, France on my honeymoon. Armed with a watercolour travel palette and a few simple brushes, I worked my way around the city painting in parks and caf├ęs. Painting everything from monolithic monuments to riding bicycles through Versailles Gardens.
In Paris, I discovered the wonderful world of artistic expression.

Fast forward to today, and I continue to paint. As a father of 3 I find comfort in painting. When I'm dreaming of travel, I like to look through photos of trips I've taken and reminisce through the fine strokes of my brush.

Working from my downtown Toronto studio, I create on canvases great and small. Using Acrylics, watercolour and graphic imprints to create my works.